NRA Firearms Instruction in Houston

Gulf Coast Firearms partners with Handgun Skills to provide all of the National Rifle Association pistol courses, from their First Steps class to the Basic Pistol Instruction course, as well as the NRA Home Firearms Safety course, and Personal Protection Inside the Home course. In addition to these pistol courses, we are now pleased to offer the NRA Basic Rifle and Basic Shotgun shooting classes, the NRA Range Safety Officer class, and the NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home class.

Handgun Skills offers skill-building courses, private instruction, and a two-day defensive handgun class, which we highly recommend, also.
Gulf Coast Firearms is proud to endorse Handgun Skills as our preferred, Houston area, firearms training facility. You can rest assured that you’re not just buying a gun from us; we have the resources to ensure that you can safely operate your firearm, too.

Benefits of having a Texas Concealed Handgun License? 

Most people are confused when it comes to purchasing firearms. We are frequently asked what the “waiting period” is to buy a gun. The answer is that there is no waiting period. If you are otherwise not prohibited from owning a firearm and can pass a background check, you can leave with your purchase the same day. Unfortunately, some persons, who are otherwise eligible to own a firearm, don’t immediately pass their background check. They receive a “delay” status and must wait up to three business days for the FBI to continue researching their background. Most receive a “proceed” status during those three days.

You can avoid this aggravation if you have a valid Texas Concealed Handgun License. Part of the application process is a thorough background check. Federal law allows us to accept your Texas CHL as evidence of a successful background check, so if you have one, you are guaranteed to leave with your firearm the same day!

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