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Gunsmith Services

Gulf Coast Firearms offers a wide range of gun repair and modification services and we work on many different brands of rifles, shotguns, and handguns.  So, if you are unsure of the condition of your firearm, we can assess it and determine if it is in proper working order. Perhaps you have acquired a very old gun from a friend or relative and you’re unsure if it works or is safe to operate. Let us have a look at it and if upon initial inspection everything appears in order, we’ll tell you and it won’t cost you a dime. If it is in need of repair we can give you options to consider so you can make an informed decision about the repair. On the other hand, maybe you have a brand new gun and you have purchased some accessories to modify it, but you’re not quite sure that you’re up to the task. Please allow us to be of service to you
At Gulf Coast Firearms we work with integrity. If the job you present to us is beyond what we can safely handle, we’ll tell you and refer you to another shop. We don’t claim to be able to do everything, but everything that we do will be done correctly.
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning
  • Sight installation
  • Accuracy improvement
  • Glass bedding
  • Basic restoration
  • Fitting recoil pads
  • Repair/replace broken or split stock
  • Installation of accessories
  • Mounting of optics and scopes
  • Trigger work

2235 Rolling Glen Dr.
Spring, TX 77373 (by appointment only)

Ph: (713) 510-GUNS (4867)
Fax: (281) 528-6767

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