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As one of the least expensive providers of this service in the Houston area, we have had customers come from as far as Huntsville and Clear Lake, to transfer firearms. Located conveniently in the Spring, TX area, and our fee of $17.50 per firearm transferred, keeps us busy meeting customer transfer needs.

A transfer is easy to complete. If you have a Texas CHL it is even easier! Simply come to our location, complete the required federal paperwork, pass a quick computerized background check, pay the fee and leave with your firearm. Your Texas CHL serves as your background check if you have one.
To initiate a transfer is equally as easy. Purchase your firearm from a remote dealer and provide us with that dealer’s contact information and we take it from there. When your firearm arrives, we contact you, and you come to complete the transfer.

Question: I have a friend who is selling me a gun; do I need to have a FFL transfer it to me? No. Unlicensed individuals who reside in the same state can sell firearms to one another, so long as neither is otherwise prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm. There are some rules in place about shipping, so contact us for more information.


Question: I bought a gun out of state and need to have it shipped to me. Do I need a FFL for this? Yes. Shipments from out of state must be sent to a FFL to complete the transfer.

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