NFA Firearms

If you are otherwise qualified to own a handgun, then you can own a NFA weapon; just be aware that special paperwork must be completed and that it will take some time for the weapon to be transferred to you.
Here’s the process:
Form 4 (BATFE 5320.4) will need to be completed and signed*
922 Compliance Form (F5330.2) will need to be completed
2 sets of fingerprints will need to be taken and submitted
2 passport photographs will need to be submitted
A onetime fee of $200 per NFA firearm will be submitted to BATFE
The Form 4 must be signed by the purchaser, as well as, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) of your county. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is very supportive of your right to own a NFA firearm so obtaining the signature should not be a problem.
Should you live in an area with a less-than-cooperative CLEO, Gulf Coast Firearms can direct you to a local attorney we work with who can prepare a NFA Trust for you which does not require the CLEO’s signature. The trust is perfectly legal and above board. It offers the advantage of not requiring the signature of the CLEO and it can be shared by a group of joint purchasers.
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National Firearms Act, or NFA, weapons consist of the following:

Short barreled rifles (breech to muzzle less than 16”)

Short barreled shotguns (breech to muzzle less than 18”)

Fully automatic firearms (machine guns)

Suppressors (Silencers)

At Gulf Coast Firearms we will assist you in completing all of the required documents and guide you through the process. The paperwork can be completed as soon as a serial number is available for your NFA firearm.
If the item is a previously registered item (that is, held in a manufacturer’s inventory) you purchase it up front and it is transferred to us and we begin the paperwork upon receipt of the firearm, usually in about 3- 5 weeks. When the paperwork is complete you submit it, along with your fee, to BATFE, and then wait patiently. Typical processing time to receive the approved transfer paperwork from BATFE and go home with your NFA firearms is varying between three and six months, currently.
If your NFA firearm has to be manufactured and then registered with BATFE, allow for the manufacturing lead time plus an additional 3 weeks for BATFE to register the new serial number before the paperwork process can begin.
It’s going to take some time and some money, but once you have transferred the firearm to you, it is yours to keep with no additional fees.
The National Firearms Act stipulates that only law enforcement agencies or the military may own “new” machine guns; however, any otherwise qualified citizen can purchase and have transferred to him any machine gun that was registered as such prior to May 19, 1986. Given the limited number of machine guns fitting this criteria and available for sale to private citizens, the values on these guns have sky rocketed. If you want a machine gun, expect to pay a price ranging from $7000 to over $30,000.

Violation of the National Firearm’s Act carries heavy fines and significant prison time.