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Gulf Coast Firearms is a factory certified DuraCoat finishing facility.
DuraCoat Firearm Finishes are the finest firearms finishes on the planet!  DuraCoat can be used to refinish a firearm back to its original shine and luster, or to give it a completely new look.
Over 53 camouflage patterns are available, as well as, custom camouflage patterns to your liking.  DuraCoat can be combined to make any color in the spectrum in whatever sheen you prefer.   When we’re finished with your firearm, you’ll have a unique, durable, corrosion resistant finish that you’ll be proud of for years!
There are lots of options when it comes to DuraCoat, and this page only touches the surface.  Please call us with any questions you might have and we can help you decide exactly what is right in your application.

We are one of only FOUR Houston-area factory certified finishers and are the ONLY certified finisher in Harris County! Unlike other shops that just purchase the product and apply it, we made an investment in your firearm by travelling to Wisconsin to be factory trained.
While there we learned tips and tricks, and frankly, secrets, about how to apply DuraCoat.  To say it just as we were told during our training, if you haven’t participated in the factory training, you’re more than likely doing it wrong!  This is particularly true when it comes to camouflage.

DuraCoat Colors & Patterns

DuraCoat Standard

DuraCoat Tactical Ultra Flat

Camouflage Patterns

DuraCoat Bloomberg Collection

DuraCoat Electric

DuraMetl Metallic

DuraLaser Fluorescent



Refinishing Prices

Camouflage Prices

Camouflage Groups

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